Let’s Go to Horror Nights

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This week I thought it would be fun to take you all along with me to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. Below is a vlog I filmed and edited while in Orlando, Florida. Take a peak at the video and if you want my recommendations and thoughts on Horror Nights check out my little blurb below!

If you’ve ever been curious about Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios or plan on visiting next spooky season, here are some of my top recommendations and tips before you go!

  • Download the Universal Studios App. The app allows you to view the park map, check wait times for not only rides but also the haunted houses and even food wait times. It makes things really easy when deciding what and where to go next while in the park.
  • Don’t buy the express pass. Although I absolutely recommend buying the express pass for a regular day at Universal, I really do not think it is worth it for Horror Nights. You will wait in lines, it’s inevitable, but in my personal experience, the longest we waited in line was 45 minutes. If you’ve ever gone to haunted houses before, you know that waiting in line is just part of it and since you’re more than likely not going alone, it’s a great time to talk and hangout with your friends.
  • Go after Halloween. We went on the very last night of Horror Nights, November 3rd-4th, and according to some of the workers I spoke to, it was way less crowded than any of the days before Halloween. Not only were there less people but the Horror Nights merchandise was all 70%-75% off. We were able to get t-shirts and sweatshirts for around $10-$15, which is insanely cheap for any merchandise at a theme park.
  • Ride the rides. Universal Studios closes most of the rides for Horror Nights but they do keep a select few open for the event and the lines were basically nonexistent. Since most people are there for the haunted houses, we were able to walk into the ride lines and immediately get on the ride. That is not something you can do on a regular day at Universal so definitely take advantage while you can!
  • Be observant. While we’re all there to be scared, don’t forget that you’re also walking through real life movie sets. The details within the haunted houses and outside, are so spectacular, from the makeup on the actors to the lighting, they really know what they’re doing. If you’re able to, take your time walking through the park and admire all that they put into it.

I hope you all give Halloween Horror Nights a try in the future and that my recommendations help you on your journey!
Thanks for reading and watching!

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