Community Guidelines

 Hello, everyone! 

I’m excited to have you here, taking on this journey with me. This corner of the internet is not just about sharing information but it’s about creating a space where everyones voice is heard and respected. This community thrives on our unique perspectives and I’m committed to maintaining a respectful yet engaging environment for everyone. 

Core Belief: 
  • Your voice matters! I’m dedicated to allowing freedom of expression. Every opinion, question, and suggestion makes for a vibrant and inclusive community. 
Expectations for Engagement: 
  • Be you, be respectful. I encourage you to be honest and authentic in your comments, but keep in mind the importance of respect. While disagreements are bound to happen, they should be about ideas and not individuals. 
  • Be encouraging, don’t discourage. Positive, constructive feedback helps this community thrive.


See Something Off? 
  • Lend a helping hand. If you encounter disrespect or any harmful behavior, please use the “report” feature. Let’s keep this community a place of integrity! 
Our Approach to Removing Comments: 
  • Keeping it clear. Occasionally, comments may need to be removed to protect the community. If a comment is removed, I will provide an explanation to keep the process transparent for everyone. 
Grounds for Banning: 
  • Protecting our space. Consistent harmful behavior doesn’t have a place here. I may occasionally need to ban individuals to ensure everyone in this community feels safe and respected. 

I have created these guidelines with inspiration from various online platforms know for their positive interactions, like Discord

Your presence here is valued and I’m excited to hear what you have to add to this community!